ALTE ARTE is a non-governmental organisation that originally started in 2003 as a project in the Republic of Moldova - a TV art magazine-done with artists and young filmmakers.

ALTE ARTE being a Moldo-Romanian organisation aims to develop and produce collaborative works that will be promoted at regional and international levels.

ALTE ARTE seeks to combine the use of new information technologies and experimentation with digital images and sound to produce works that are artistically innovative and socially engaged.

Talking Letters

“Talking Letters” is a film project about Romani - a language that until recently has mainly been passed on orally. Through chosen letters of the Romani alphabet, the film “Talking Letters” will take a form of a continued succession of stories, poetry and songs presented by Romani speakers from four countries (Romania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania) juxtaposed with the graphic illustration of the letters, phonetic exercises and historical facts with scientific comments by linguists that are dealing with this subject.


ALTE ARTE - a tv art project – experimental art magazine combining two formats “tv on art” and “art on tv” produced and broadcasted in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (2005-2007)

Links of our financial supporters, partners, organisations with whom ALTE ARTE collaborates.

Financial Supporters:

ERSTE Foundation, Vienna, Austria

European Cultural Foundation


Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, Lithuania

Centre for Contemporary Art (K:SAK), Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The Foundation Centre For Contemporary Art (CAC), Kyiv, Ukraine


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